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28 October 1983
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In my past life I was Nancy Spungen. This time around I'm a little less stable. I'm a little psyko, stay far far away....unless you're psyko too, then take off your boots and pull up a milk crate.


Janis Joplin is Love

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Date Created:2006-01-05
Number of Posts: 28

HaliDaisy is a smelly hippy. She does not believe in bathing, shaving, brushing her teeth or any other sanitary measures. She enjoys wearing socks with her sandals. When she grows up she wants to be a Triceratops.
Strengths: HaliDaisy is oblivious to reality, thus, nothing is impossible to her. Her piercings and tattoos giver her magical powers that include scaring the elderly and being worshipped by teenage rebels
Weaknesses: Any and all vices known to woman.
Special Skills: She has the ability to be witty, but only if she is fully fed and not too tired. She can also see good in the worst people.
Weapons: Fingernails, teeth, seductive personality.
Harem Members: Jake Gyllenhaal, Billy Idol, Patrick Stewart, Vincent D'onofrio, Adam Sandler, Dougray Scott...

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